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Medi-Lynx was built on the foundation of providing superior quality care. A one-on-one approach allows for personalized service tailored for every physician. Our company’s core philosophy is centered on excellent customer service.

Utilizing cutting-edge PocketECG technology, we deliver better analytics, improved patient diagnoses, and a higher standard of care.

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Company Highlights

Innovative Monitoring

PocketECG™ is the only FDA-approved monitor that unifies traditional Holter, event and mobile telemetry monitoring into one solution. Detailed yet concise reporting defines our industry leadership.

Personalized Care

With a personalized human element, Medi-Lynx strives to provide the best experience for our patients and clinical partners. Tailored services for every physician provides customization like never before.

Advanced Security

Cutting-edge encryption and security protocols ensure integrity and privacy of patient information. Whether enrolling patients online, accessing reports, or communicating with Medi-Lynx, we maintain exceptional HIPAA compliance.