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Want to protect your critical data?

Have you had to wait for business critical hardware or software to be delivered? Have you felt frustrated because you can’t respond rapidly to your internal supervisors’ needs?

Today’s IT departments find themselves squeezed between escalating demands and shrinking budgets that can limit their response to the needs of the business. When frustrated users go around IT to meet their requirements, security risks and platform chaos can be the result.

Cloud Technology Storage has dramatically reduced IT costs while greatly improving efficiency. Now business groups demand rapid access to IT resources to support increased agility and faster time-to-market for projects. IT is challenged to meet these requirements while ensuring that the IT environment is fully managed and secured.

EP System Technologies ownCloud™ storage solution surpasses all your cloud storage needs by providing multiple secure options for an easy, safe and affordable way to deliver and scale IT to meet the evolving demands of growing businesses.

  • Mini Level Cloud


    Best for small businesses

    10GB Storage Space
    25GB Bandwidth*
    AES encryption
    Mobile APP
    SSL Certificate
  • Professional Cloud


    Best for Large Companies

    100GB Storage Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth*
    AES encryption
    Mobile APP
    SSL Certificate

* Based on Monthly I/O Global Data Transfers & User Activity; ** SSL Certificates are available for $10 per month - additional

No Contracts or Commitments

You pay only for the amount of block storage you need. There are no contracts, set-up fees or long-term commitments….

PCI & HIPAA Compliant

Our Cloud Servers comply with the most stringent of security protocols and utilize AES encryption & Virus Protection Services to protect your critical data…

Global Access Mobile APP

Access your data, collaborate and share from anywhere in the world! With EP ownCloud™ Cloud Storage, is as easy to use as Dropbox™.

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